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Chess Online 5.0: New Look

New UI for Chess Online:

With the new UI, users can select a piece first. The game then displays all the possible moves from the selected piece. The users can then select a location to move to. See in-game help for more details.

Users can select a piece and click on an available moving location to make a move.

Just for comparison, this is the old UI where users had to drag-n-drop a piece. There were no possible moving locations displayed either.

Old UI where users had to press and move a piece to destinations. There were no available moving locations marked.

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  1. brook
    May 28, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Castling does not work properly. If you haven’t moved your king and aren’t castling through a check, castling is a legal chess move. The designer erroneously disallows a castle where your rook moves through an attack, even though that is a legal chess move. Also pawns promote only to queens; no other choices.

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