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Cloudroid Community Agreement v1.0


The below mentioned rules are basic guidelines for appropriate community conduct once you log in to a Cloudroid game and while chatting or playing. Follow them. Ignorance of the rules will not make you immune from them. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the user being Muted or Suspended or permanently banned from the app depending on the severity or repetition of the offense. Enjoy your freedom while respecting that of others.


Be respectful of other players/chatters and Officers. Directly or indirectly harassing / humiliating other chatters on the basis of race, gender, religion, appearances’ and or any other reason is not permitted. This includes use of foul language or words from any language, including but not limited to Racial, sexual, religious, and / or other slurs to intimidate or humiliate others.


Repetitive and/or irrelevant messages posted in the chat room (or in PM/Mail) which is disruptive to chat is PROHIBITED. This includes using ALL CAPS or inserting large text.


User names must not include inappropriate/curse words. Upon advice by an officer, User Name MUST be changed immediately regardless of it being appropriate or not in your own point of view.


PICS that are Pornographic, nude, semi-nude, vulgar or hurtful to religious or ethnic sensibilities MUST not be used and are PROHIBITED. Upon advice by an officer the PIC must be changed immediately regardless of it being appropriate or not in your own point of view. Users found with inappropriate PICS may be suspended without a warning.


Impersonating the developer or officers or other players either by way of User Name or pretense/ misrepresentation is not permitted.


PM must be used for one on one conversation. Unsolicited messages sent to other chatters against their wishes are prohibited and must be stopped immediately upon request from the recipient and/or Officers.


Officers are usually available online in the chat room to assist you with any game or chat issues. Feel free to approach them for assistance by calling out for an officer in the public chat room. You may send email to officers at cloudroid-officers@googlegroups.com

Officers are also responsible for enforcement of the chat rules and you must co-operate with them in order to ensure a harmonious chatting and gaming environment.

Please avoid public arguments with officers as it is disruptive of the chat environment for others and interferes with the officers other duties. If you have any suggestions or a point of view regarding these rules or any other matter, feel free to mail it to the officer(s) / Developer. These points of view if found to be legitimate will be incorporated into the rules from time to time. Cloudroid reserves the right to modify or change these rules from time to time and without any prior notice.

All the above rules are applicable regardless of whether an officer is present or not. Please ensure self discipline in the interest of the very fast growing Cloudroid community of players and chatters.

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  1. hankhill
    October 8, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Rulez r ok but the officers are picking and choosing who they enforce the rules on

    • hankhill
      October 14, 2010 at 11:57 am

      I was wrong, officers r fair

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