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Update: ‘Cannot play with my tablet?’ and more

February 25, 2011 4 comments

I have received a lot of comments from users who wanted to play Cloudroid games on Android tablets and due to lacking valid IMEIs the games failed to authenticate with server. This problem will be solved soon in the next update in about 2 weeks.

Coming with the update are several other new features including a Practice play mode for Jewels Online, Blocks Battle Online and Linlink Online. With the new play mode, after a game room is created, the game will automatically start in practice mode which you can keep playing the game by yourself until a player joins your game room and the real battle starts. After you finish a game with your opponent, if he/she leaves the room, you can still choose to enter practice mode again. This helps players to kill boring waiting time for an opponent as well as giving an opportunity for beginners to practice their gaming skills.

Another big update for the game is the support for multi-language. With the update, Chinese will be fully supported in game. By changing the display language to Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) in Android phone’s setting, the game will automatically change to Chinese version the next time you open it. This will not affect current English language users though. For the chat rooms, there will be one International chat room for all language users, providing a channel for users in different languages to communicate. Other than that, the users can only see chat rooms with his/her own language, e.g., Chinese users cannot enter an English language chat room (the room will be invisible to them).

Some of the still-in-develop features include, not limited to:

  • User search function so you can search online users by user id or user name.
  • Update game file by using file downloading from game server directly instead of using Google Market. This helps those users without Market on their phone.
  • and more if I have time…

I will keep up the good work as always 🙂

New Blocks Design Plan

December 22, 2010 24 comments

Dear Cloudroiders,

I am working on merging old blocks with current blocks (What is old blocks?). The old fashion power-ups and ‘use on me or use on oppo’ will be reserved. The current blocks (What is current blocks?) power-ups like reversed direction and BIG angry face will be reserved too. The current blocks graphic design will be reserved. The old looking will be dropped.

Currently accepted power-ups (You can use these power-ups freely on yourself or your opponent in game):

  • Add 1, 2, 3 levels
  • Remove 1, 2, 3 levels
  • Speed up/down
  • Nuclear bomb
  • Reversed direction
  • Big angry face

Now, question: What other ideas do you have for blocks to make it MORE fun?

Any New ideas about any thing for Blocks are wanted. Any comments, once accepted, will get 5000 coins reward in-game. Make sure you put your user id in your comment. Similar ideas will get rewarded only once, so hurry and make sure you are the first one claiming it.

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New Blocks Battle Online: Too Hard?

September 24, 2010 7 comments

Since the recent release of newly designed Blocks Battle Online, there have been tons of complaints crying about ‘new game sux’ and ‘it is way too hard’. Personally I think it is alright once you get used to it. The new game mechanism is faster-paced and some of the power ups can really blow up your blood pressure which makes the game quite fun and competitive in my honest opinion. But I do realize this is just a casual game most people are looking for relax rather than real fights. I will change the game mechanism soon and decrease the game difficulty. Please keep supporting Cloudroid games!

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Blocks Battle Online Re-designed!

September 19, 2010 19 comments

Hi, cloudroid players. Today I want announce the newly designed Blocks Battle Online v5.0.

The new version comes with newly designed user interface (much prettier :P) and power-up system (much easier to use). Screen shots are on the right.

As you can see in the screen shot, the new power-up system has 4 items:

Reduce your blocks levels by 3

Increase opponent’s blocks levels by 3

Frozen opponent’s controls

Reverse opponent’s control directions

How to download:

1. New user: Go to android market, search for “pub:cloudroid”, you will see a list of all games made by me. Download all of them and rate 5 stars 😛

2. Existing user: Simply sign in any cloudroid games, in game screen, press MENU button then click MORE GAMES you will see this awesome game.

I hope you like the new design and as well let me know any comments you have.

Thank you for playing Cloudroid games 🙂

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Blocks Battle Online 1.4: New Emotion System

February 23, 2010 7 comments

Blocks Battle Online has been updated to 1.4. The most fun feature added is:

“Emotion System”

As you all might already know my game is a social network gaming platform. So social features are always one of my largest focuses. I observed that in the Blocks Battle Online, during a game players usually are so busy on pressing keys and look out for attacks that they don’t have time to chat or communicate ’emotions’. Therefore I added this new emotion system try to give players some ways to express your emotions quickly and visually.

Here is a screenshot:

In the red box on the left, there are 4 emotions for you to use anytime in the game. On the red box on the right is the visual effect that your opponent would see when you use one emotion. This can be very fun when you are going to lose and you send over an ‘OMG’ or ‘Angry’ face and greatly increase the communication between you and your opponent.

There is also another game change. I created a more detailed help system to provide more information about all the items and their functions. I also hide some buttons to make the screen clearer and put them into the MENU button. Now you can click MENU button anywhere and use some of the most frequently used features.

Here is another screen shot:

If you have comments please send me email. Thank you.

Enjoy 🙂

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Blocks Online v1.0 is live

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Blocks Online, a fun Tetris-like game with rich multiplayer features has just been released.

Here are 2 screen shots:


  • Play against Tetris players all over the world.
  • Gain items from games and use them to attack your opponent or help yourself.
  • Rich social features: chat rooms, in-game mail system, etc.
  • Customized user profile.
  • More to explore.


  • Sign-in with your cloudroid account or simply play as guest.
  • Go to Game Lobby and create a game room or join other player’s room to start a game.
  • In the game you can move the falling piece with either Trackball or the On-screen keys.
    • Trackball: Up – rotate, Left – left, Right – right, Down – down, Center – straight to bottom.
    • On-screen keys: just see those buttons and you know what they do 🙂
  • On the right side of screen there is an Item section. You gain items by erasing blocks containing item pieces. The items gained are stored in the item section so you can use them. There are various items some can add more block levels to game board or increase the falling speed (bad items), while some can remove levels and even clear the whole board (good items). To use them, simply tap on the target game board (yours or opp’s). Remember: the game will not stop you from using bad items on yourself so…be careful 😛 If you need to know what does the item do, just click on the item a description will pop up.
  • You can view the next Piece on the top-left corner. For each falling piece you can put it on hold if you find it more useful later you can click it again to use it.
  • You can view your total score and current speed on the left bars. There are also a question mark which leads to the in-game help system, and a button goes to the in-room chatting and another button goes back to game lobby.
  • For a more detailed game help, click ‘?’ on the top-right corner for a in-game help.


Go to android market and search for ‘blocks’ or ‘tetris’ and look for ‘Blocks Online’ from ‘Cloudroid’.


This game supports 320×480, 480×800, 480×854 screens. It does NOT support 240×320 screen size due to the over-sized game board. Sorry for that.

Enjoy 🙂

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