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New Feature: Chat Rooms

December 19, 2010 7 comments

Introducing new feature: Chat Rooms

With updated game versions released today, all games now have ‘Chat Rooms’ implemented aiming to reduce game lags and provide better chat managements.

  • To chat publicly, enter a chat room. You can choose chat room based on chat topic, moderation level and capability.
  • You can exit chat room, or join another chat room at anytime. One user can enter one chat room at one time.
  • Whenever a game starts, the user will exit chat room automatically. This will provide better gaming performance.
  • Mildly moderated chat room has a more freely chat style while highly moderated chat room will enforce Cloudroid Community Agreement strictly. If you don’t like the restrictions, please go to mildly moderated chat room.
  • Shortcut to your chat room: Press ‘MENU’ button, click ‘Chat Room’.

Thank you and enjoy. If you have any comments feel free to talk. We do listen 🙂

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New Officer Trials

December 5, 2010 21 comments

Hi All!!

Seasons Greetings!!! Here’s wishing everyone from the Cloudroid family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous new year.

As we end the year with the addition of a new server, awesome new games and an amazing growth in the numbers added to the family of users, we are also now adding SIX new officers on a “Trial” basis during December for a month.

The process of arriving at this list has been a detailed one, spread over several months, also involving views and observations of existing officers. Several other names came up but these were the six that got maximum mention in our discussions.

They are (In alphabetic order):

1. Allison (46618)
2. Dulce (63381)
3. Jenny (44934)
4. Jing (11550)
5. Sir (34313)
6. Tron (6376)

During the trial period their performance will be judged on the following parameters (random order):

  • Time spent online
  • Leadership capabilities
  • Ability to conduct themselves in a fair and just manner.
  • Community building activities
  • Help extended to current and new users.
  • Ability to work in a team alongside their counterparts.
  • Overall personal conduct.

Upon completion of the Trial period the New Officers will be put to a vote, on this blog by all of you, and basis the outcome (and overall assessment by Developer, Lizz & Me) some of these officers will continue on the team while others will revert back to regular user status. These new officers will run their individual campaigns for your votes and you are advised to use your votes judiciously. Voting will begin mid month…. stay tuned for the announcement.

Any negative campaigning by new officers will be viewed very seriously so do not say nasty stuff about others while speaking in support of your candidate as it may result in their disqualification. Only speak about the merits of your own. No behind the scenes negative PM/Email campaigns too. This is an activity planned for fun and if turns into something that is divisive and creates unhappiness then the whole thing will be called off and all trial officers will be returned to regular users.

All Trial Officers listed above, please send me an email to from an email id that you do not mind disclosing to others. I will add you to the Officer group mailing list and will send you the operating guidelines for officers. Upon confirmation of your agreement with the guidelines and a detailed conversation with me you will be activated as Trial Officers.

Let the fun and campaigning begin…… YES WE CAN!!!!!! 🙂


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Communication with player (Mar. 5, 2010)

March 5, 2010 3 comments


ill just let you know this is a bad version of a classic game.

players should generate the same special blocks along with pieces. it’s not a hard algorithm, people who make this game in countless mediums have done so properly with little effort.

not only that, but specials should not be “time released”, they should appear after x amount of line clears (clear one line, get one special, clear two, get two, etc.) it’s a totally different game when player a gets speed ups/downs while player b gets add 2’s and 3’s.

additionally on the subject, it should be a % chance that if you clear one line, you either get a special that corresponds to 1, ala clear 1, get EITHER a +1 or a -1, not a +3.

I think you should work on adding different kinds of special blocks.
try block immunity, which prevents both players on using any specials on the afflicted player.
try random block clearing as well. it should be numbered accordingly (1 2 3) and clears that many random blocks on the players field.

now for bug reports:
dropped a green L piece, then used about 3 single line clears. the field went down but that L piece hovered above the rest.
the preview of your opponent’s screen is lagged; certainly not real-time. if I use a single line clear on them but they still get that special, what is the point?
the speed up special has no real effect apparently?
when placing a piece to the far left/right, it cannot be rotated. needs to be fixed.
is there any way you can either make the playing field bigger, those smileys are a nuisance; can those be enabled/disabled?

I believe that’s really all for now


Dear Kurijiko,

I am sorry to hear that you dislike the game. But I am glad you gave me these suggestions and bug reports to help me improve the game.

The game is not a classic tetris game at least not for the multiplayer mode. I have been a bit busy on real life so the classic single mode will not come out until probably next week.

There were players suggesting me using same pieces for both players. The reason I didn’t do that was if one player is playing faster than the other, after several turns they still get different pieces eventually. And consider if 2 players are getting random pieces, it is still considered as fair.

The specials (or items) are generated every turn currently, which is not as good as your suggestion. I really like your mechanism (which is obviously more fair). I will make it so when player clear N lines they get N items.

The items are generated based on a possibility. +3/-3s are more difficult to get than +1/-1, which is harder to get than speed up/down.

Adding more special items is good idea. I was actually planning on adding more useful items. The immunity is good. And the random clearing is interesting: what blocks should I clear on opp’s field so that I am not helping my opp?

I already noticed the bug you found. About the hover bug it is because of the game is made to be real-time multiplayer there are so many synchronizations it is very hard to control all the timing. Good news is for this hover bug I have found the solution. Should be fixed in next update.

About the opp’s screen. Believe me, I wanted to make it real-time more than anyone else. However, keep in mind this is a mobile game. 2 main restrictions apply to mobile apps: Slow networking & battery. I used to make a real-time version but only after several turns either I or my opp disconnected due to heavy data sending and receiving over the network. So I gave up the real-time opp game board updating. Frequent networking will also consume the battery fast which gains complains as well. So currently the game is updated on a timer base.

The rotation on the edge of the board is not working because of my game algorithm decided there are no room for it to rotate unless you move the piece at least one space away from the edge. I can probably change that for you to force it rotate.

The emotion system is fun imo. But since you don’t like it, I can probably provide an option so you can turn it off.

The game board has the max area I can make for now. I tried so many layouts before making this final design. You have to understand there are 3 kinds of screen size android phones on the market and I have to support from the smallest one to the largest. You might see a lot of space on a Droid or Nexus but on a Tattoo, the whole screen is stuffed. I hate google making different screen sizes unlike iphone only has 1 size but I have no other choice. Maybe I can make a version specially for big screen, in which I can make the board much bigger. But I just have so many features to do for the 3 games I probably don’t have time to work on it for now.

I really appreciate your suggestions. Some of them are really good and doable for me. I will try my best to improve the game in the way you like it to be. Thank you 🙂

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Communication with player (Mar. 4, 2010)

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment


Sorry man, but I hate the new update. Bring back the old way of using items, and get rid of the tattoo thing. There still needs to be some skill involved.


Dear Jon,

Tattoo is a phone. I added small screen support for Tattoo.

I have to change the way of using items to 2 buttons because I added the touch screen support. Now when you tap the screen it will rotate the piece instead of using items on you as before. For this reason I made 2 buttons for users to use items without conflicting with tapping on the board.

The battle is actually more skill involved now since I lowered the chance you get defense items and increased the chance you get offensive items. Which means you need have to erase more piece levels to protect yourself due to your opp has more chances to attack you (as you can attack opp more too). In this way the game is more intense and skill involved.


Ok, ithought tattoo was the “shadow” of the block at the bottom. That is the thing that makes it too easy, since you don’t even have to look at the block to know where to drop it.


Oh the shadow thing…yea that reduced the game difficulty a little bit 😛

The shadow thing was actually made for touch screen players since they are using fingers to move pieces which might need a little assist from the game to show the drop position. Actually they are helpful specially when you play such a game in a tiny screen (not to mention players on different out-door situations). The shadow is visible to all players so I consider it fair 🙂

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Communication with players (Feb.27 2010)

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment


Hello I like ur game but I think if u put both player have the same blocks so they could have a equal advantage cuz sometimes the game give the advantage to me or the other player that would be good something like Tetris online that give u the same block but u can put it they way u want it also about phone calls would be good to pause the game so u don’t lose automatically


Dear Carlos,

Where is the Tetris Online game so I can take a look at it?

With the phone problem: because this is an Online game, when you get a phone call the phone will force close my game (to release memory to handle the call) therefore you will lose the connection to the server. I cannot pause the game because I cannot put your opponent to wait until you come back (in most cases we don’t even know when the user will come back). And since this is a fast paced game, the game simply ends if one side drops. I can probably put the game on pause when you are in single mode but it is almost impossible to do in online mode. Sorry about that.

I do like the giving same blocks idea but also a problem with it: what if 2 players are playing with different speed. Like one is playing very fast (using blocks quickly) and the other is slow. So after several blocks they still get different next blocks eventually. So giving same blocks do not seem needed for me. Besides, since all blocks are randomly generated. It is still fair in most cases.

Any comments are welcome 🙂

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Communication with players (Feb.4, 2010)

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I have heard from a few players that in Chess Online when you are moving a piece and your opponent pokes you, you will drop the piece and make a wrong move. I admit it was a bad design and I will change it soon. Sorry.

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Communication with Players (Jan. 31, 2010)

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Jayson: Hello ill keep it simple. Is there any way you can make notification when it becomes my turn? Like vibrate or sound woukd work?? And is there any chance of being able to spectate games even if its only two or so ppl watching?? I play with my three brothers n sometime it would be kool to just watch them ya know.. and also the trackball is very touchy and when it switches to my turn I have to run the trackball all over the place before it even appears on the screen and when I’m @ the bottom of the screen with the trackball I try to pick a piece but my friends will come up can you limit the trackball to just the board is what I’m trying to ask?? Thanx a lot for all of your time and efforts its really paid off. One more thing the pm messages get cut off after only like 4 or five words and if the game could run in the backround so I can chek txt or if the txt would come up over the game thanx again.

Me: Dear Jay, Thank you for your precious advices!

Your advices:
1. Get notification when it is your turn.
Answer: Good idea. I am gonna give players options to choose notification types in the game.
2. Be able to watch game.
Answer: Good idea. Gonna make that feature.
3. Lock trackball inside the game board.
Answer: Yes I have noticed that problem but currently I had some difficulties changing that. I need to learn more android development to be able to do that.
4. PM message should not get cut off.
Answer: I think the cut-off PM you saw is when you click the ‘private chat’ button and a bar with PMer and his message. Actually if you click on the bar it will expand and you should be able to see the full message.
5. Game should not exit when you switch to other apps.
Answer: Yes that’s a big problem of the game but unfortunately I cannot fix that because of the extremely limited memory on the phone making the game force exit when you switch to other apps. Only way to fix that is to shrink the size of my app which currently is almost impossible (I have shrunk the game for several times from 3+MB to currently 1+MB and that’s the smallest size I can make for now).

Thank you for playing the game. I am a graduate student and my school schedule is a bit tight. But I will try my best to improve the game.

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Communication with Players (Jan. 31, 2010)

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Emilio: Larry this game rocks!Just hope u cn fix when someone takes forever!If I leave game I’m given a loss!!Blemashes on the record!LOL

Me: Thank you for playing this game! Yes you are right. The someone take-forever problem is a tough problem to be solved. Since sometimes people simply lost connection to 3G network when driving or moving out/in a building and that’s when the problem occurred. In most cases you can ‘poke’ your opponent and if he/she doesn’t response in 20 secs you win the game but there are times it won’t work if your opponent loses connection. I am thinking of a better way to ‘poke’. Just give me more time please.

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Communication with Players (Jan. 27, 2010)

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Daniel: Hello I was playing the game it is very good but the Login Service is a big problem. I signed up my key datas but then for Login the bubble said there were wrong datas/ ivalid data. Your faithful Daniel.

Me: Dear Daniel, Sorry for the login problem! Before you click the sign-in button, could you please check again if the name you typed in the box has a space at the end like ‘daniel ‘. This space is automatically added when you use android built-in input method. If there is no space or any non-english chars in the name, please let me know. Thank you.

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Communication with Players (Jan. 25, 2010)

January 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Devon: Change the drag and drop system please. it’s completey ineffective. Also a submit button would eliminate accidental moves.

Me: Thank you for your advice. Chess Online game supports trackball controls. Please see in-game help from clicking the “?”.

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