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Update: ‘Cannot play with my tablet?’ and more

February 25, 2011 4 comments

I have received a lot of comments from users who wanted to play Cloudroid games on Android tablets and due to lacking valid IMEIs the games failed to authenticate with server. This problem will be solved soon in the next update in about 2 weeks.

Coming with the update are several other new features including a Practice play mode for Jewels Online, Blocks Battle Online and Linlink Online. With the new play mode, after a game room is created, the game will automatically start in practice mode which you can keep playing the game by yourself until a player joins your game room and the real battle starts. After you finish a game with your opponent, if he/she leaves the room, you can still choose to enter practice mode again. This helps players to kill boring waiting time for an opponent as well as giving an opportunity for beginners to practice their gaming skills.

Another big update for the game is the support for multi-language. With the update, Chinese will be fully supported in game. By changing the display language to Chinese (Simplified or Traditional) in Android phone’s setting, the game will automatically change to Chinese version the next time you open it. This will not affect current English language users though. For the chat rooms, there will be one International chat room for all language users, providing a channel for users in different languages to communicate. Other than that, the users can only see chat rooms with his/her own language, e.g., Chinese users cannot enter an English language chat room (the room will be invisible to them).

Some of the still-in-develop features include, not limited to:

  • User search function so you can search online users by user id or user name.
  • Update game file by using file downloading from game server directly instead of using Google Market. This helps those users without Market on their phone.
  • and more if I have time…

I will keep up the good work as always πŸ™‚

Updated: Linlink Online Power-up Options

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Linlink Online has been updated today to provide more options when you create a game room. As shown in the right figure.

  • Beginner (No power-ups): create a game room with completely no power-ups. Players win the game by eliminating all pairs without any help from power-ups. This mode can provide beginners a perfect time to get familiar with the game mechanism and only focus on finding links itself. Also higher skilled players cannot own a beginner player by flooding tons of power-ups to him/her.
  • Intermediate (Default Power-ups): create a game room with only on-board power-ups. Every player will have exactly same amount of power-ups to gain for each game. By eliminating the power-up pairs you gain the power-up to help you.
  • Hardcore (Bonus Power-ups): create a game room where players can get unlimited power-ups by eliminating pairs fast enough and gain bonus power-ups. This is recommended for highly skilled players to enjoy the most fun and competition from the game.
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New Game: Linlink Online

December 5, 2010 8 comments

Linlink is a popular game when I was back in China (θΏžθΏžηœ‹ in Chinese). So I decide to make our own Linlink Online for Cloudroid players to share the fun with you.

Basic Game Rules:

1. Link two identical icons to eliminate them, which reduces your total icon number by one (Total is 32). By eliminating all the icons before your opponent does, you win the game.

2. When you eliminate two icons which are power-ups, you gain the power-up showing in the bottom (from grey to color). You can click on a power-up to use it. Using power-ups can either help you finish the game faster and easier, or setting up more troubles for your opponent.

3. Through the game you can also gain Combo points by making multiple links in a row. The Combo timer will reset after 4 seconds so if you can make another link within 4 seconds you will accumulate Combo points! Each time you get 5 more Combo points you will get a Power-up bonus. A better gaming skill can bring you more Combo points than your opponent and thus greatly help you defeat your opponent.


Add 3 pairs to your opponent’s game board

Shuffle your game board in case you couldn’t find a link

Show a big face on opponent’s screen to block him from touching the icons

Show a hint on your game board

How to find a link:

A link is defined as:

A connection between two icons that contains no more than two turnings or three edges.

Here are some link examples:

Dont forget to rate the game with 5 stars and write a comment in the Market to get free coins and popularity points rewards!

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